Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dear Fans. This is Crystal here. Since this is the holiday season, I wanted to share my favorite Christmas memory.

We’re all gathered around on December 24th, decorating the Christmas tree. The whole gang is there; me, Rita, Geoffrey, Jimmy Tunes, Mickey Rooney, Cole Porter and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Cole is stringing popcorn and Tylenol to hang as garland on the tree while Rita Moreno and I take turns putting the star on top of Mickey Rooney. The room is filled with the woody warmth of a hearth ablaze and friends together. Jimmy Tunes begins to play a little Christmas diddy medley on the piano when Camilla, in a fit of Christmas spirit (specifically egg nog), begins to undress and roll around on the bear skin rug (that, coincidently, Rita had just had professionally cleaned). Right when Jimmy reaches the musical climax of ‘Rock Around the Christmas Tree,” Camilla bumps right into the menorah that we had set up in case that Jew-bastard Irving Berlin ever shows up. Well, think of the beautiful sight that incurred as the Christmas tree (which no one had watered in weeks) just set ablaze in the most wondrous light show on this side of the Rio Grande. Even while Geoffrey was rushing to put it out, we couldn’t help but hoot and clap and admire the wonderful spectacle that Camilla had set before us. Sure, she had to be hospitalized for several days, but it’s a memory that we’ll all treasure forever.

So there you have it. Merry New Year and come see the show.

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Great news! Some of Crystal's tour dates have officially been set for the new year.
1/15 Elks Club Bangor, ME
1/27 Hilton Garden Inn Baltimore, MA
2/4 Shenenahoa Middle School Albany, NY
2/13 The conference center at the rest stop off I-95, 10 miles outside of King of Prussia, PA
2/23 The Mall of America

Crystal wanted to post something personal about her excitement to get back on the road.

"Dear fans, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my come back tour possible. I was telling my good friend Sally Struthers the other day about the overwhelming support that I've received and she said, 'Crystal of course the fans are supporting you, you're a superstar. Now get up, you're sitting on my poncho. I have to take a crap.' And you know what, she's never been so right. Geoffrey, is that good for your little outerspace box website? Did I leave my gimlet in dryer again?"

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Welcome to Back to Basics...

Hello Crystal Gomes Fan!

Welcome to Ms. Gomes' latest forray into the cyber world. Due to various lawsuits with Earnest Hemingway's estate, Ms. Gomes' old website,, had to be temporarily shut down. So, Ms. Gomes and her PR team have decided that a web journal like this one is the best (and most legal!) way to keep in touch with her myriad fans! Please continue to check back with us for updates on upcoming performances of "Back to Basics," CD release info, and of course, wonderful show biz anecdotes straight from Ms. Gomes' show!

Thanks for visiting, and don't be a stranger!


The Gomes Group Staff

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